Testing and certification of ropes and steel products for pre-stressed concrete

Testing services

The Lab has all the equipment required for static and cyclic tensile tests on steel elements for pre-stressed concrete (wires and strands) and for the testing of ropes up to a maximum load of 3000 kN. The department is also able to provide testing and consultancy services for research into innovative materials for production of ropes and pre-stressed structural elements.

Inspection and certification services

– testing and certification of conformity of steel wire ropes for transport services according to DM 1175 of 21.6.86;
– testing and certification of conformity of steel wire ropes for transport services according to the reference UNI standards (unified ropes);
– testing and certification of mechanical properties of steel wire ropes according to national or international standards;
– testing and certification of the mechanical properties of wires and strands for pre-stressed system according to national or international standards (ETAG013).

Evaluation and control of durability for construction materials and components

Experimental activity

The evaluation and control of durability and of performances’ time behaviour for construction materials and components through lab testing, as a fundamental tool to guarantee Life Cycle sustainability.
For the laboratory accelerated ageing different cycles may be applied, depending on the material and/or the component to be analysed, through the exposure to:
-  Freeze and thaw, for example for concrete, stone, marble, granite, ceramic materials, etc.;
- Thermal shock;
- Salt spray tests, for the evaluation of corrosion of metallic materials;
-  Artificial rain on wall samples;
- Cycles composed by different stages, with the simulation of different ageing conditions, both on little samples or on wall components;
- Thermal and moisture cycles on marbles. intended for cladding of building facades (bowing test)
- Salt crystallization, for natural stone and other porous materials;
-  UV rays, for example for painting and protective products.

Certification services

The durability tests may be developed in agreement with the products’ standards with reference to the Construction Products’ Regulation and to the ISO 15686 standards, on Service Life evaluation.

Testing and certification of post-tensioning system

Testing services

The Lab performs tests (static, fatigue and load transfer) of Post-Tensioning Kits for Prestressing of Structures (PT Systems) with particular reference to the European Technical Assessment in accordance with the requirements of the European Assessment Document (EAD 160004-00-0301) for PT systems. Besides, the Lab performs the witness of above tests executed by third party labs and performs tests and consultant activities for the development of innovative post-tensioning systems.

Assessment services

Inspection of Factory Production Control (FPC) for the production of PT Systems in accordance to the European  Assessment Document (EAD 160004-00-0301) in compliance with the Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 for CE marking of  construction products;
Inspection service of PT Systems in accordance to national and/or international standards.

Certification services

Notified Body (CPR-1777) for product certification (certificate of constancy of performance) of PT Systems (EAD 160004-00-0301) in compliance with Regulation (EU) 305/2011 – CE marking of construction products.
Certification service of PT Systems in accordance to national and/or international standards.

Vibrations and dynamic monitoring of structures

Testing services

The Lab performs testing and research on the dynamic characteristics of bridges and large civil structures; the tests are mainly performed by recording the structural response in operational conditions (ambient vibration tests).
The dynamic tests are, when possible, conducted according to the requirements of the Italian guideline UNI 10985 (2002) standard (Bridge and viaduct vibrations: Guidelines for conducting dynamic tests and surveys).
The main technical services provided by the “Vibrations and dynamic monitoring of structures” are:
– Dynamic testing of bridges and special structures;
– Dynamic and seismic monitoring of historical and monumental buildings;
– Testing, analysis and control of vibrations in cables and guyed structures;
– Modal analysis in operational conditions and validation of FEM models;
– Design, installation and management of permanent dynamic monitoring systems;
– Use of innovative remote vibration monitoring techniques (interferometric radar).
– Assessment of vibration-induced serviceability issues and measurement of strains and displacements during static load testing of bridges and viaducts.

CE testing and certification of structural bearings, expansion joints and anti-seismic devices

Testing services

Testing and certification of PTFE; testing of special sliding materials with controlled friction for sliding structural devices. Testing of structural bearings according to EN 1337, AASHTO and BS 5400 standards; mechanical characterisation of plastic and elastomeric materials; static and fatigue testing of expansion joints and mechanical characterisation of materials; testing of anti-seismic devices according to EN 15129 and Italian standard NTC; static and dynamic tests on viscous dampers and shock transmission units; static and dynamic testing of rubber and lead-rubber isolators; static, dynamic and friction testing of curved surfaces sliding isolators (pendulum isolators); mechanical and physical characterisation of elastomeric materials for isolators; friction and wear testing of sliding materials.

Assessment services

Inspection of factory production control for the production of structural bearings (EN 1337) and antiseismic devices (EN 15129) in compliance with Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 (EU) – CE Marking of construction products.

Certification services

Notified Body (CPR-1777) for product certification (certificate of constancy of performance of the construction product) of structural bearings (EN 1337) and antiseismic devices (EN 15129) in compliance with Regulation (EU) 305/2011 – CE marking of construction products.
Certification of PTFE for structural bearings according to EN 1337-2.

Calibration of test instruments and testing machine

Testing services

The Lab operates as an accredited Centre Accredia (LAT 104) and guarantees metrological traceability of force measurements according to the national traceability system. It mainly supplies services in the Civil Engineering and Geotechnics areas.
The Lab performs calibration of force measurement of static uniaxial testing machine (for tensile and compressive tests) according to UNI EN ISO 7500-1 and of testing machine for compressive test on concrete according to UNI EN 12390-4 appendix B and UNI EN ISO 7005-1 appendix B.
In addition the lab calibrated force measurement devices used as testing devices such as:
– transportable hydraulic jacks: piston, pump (manual or electric), measuring system (i.e. manometer or pressure transducer)
– Static uniaxial testing machine with indicator of  force in not engineering unit, such as pressure, electrical unit or dynamometric rings (that could not be removed from the testing machine).
In addition to Accredia calibration, the Lab performs calibration with metrological traceability guaranteed by Politecnico Quality Management System:
– dynamometers for calibration;
– industrial load cells and dynamometric rings;
– scales;
– charpy pendulums;
– extensometers;
– displacement transducers, calipers;
– pressure transmitters;
– durometers.

Technological systems for building

Technological Systems: tests on equipment and building components. Tests on temporary construction components (scaffolding, props, ladders, mobile towers, casings, railings, raised floors, facade elements, coverage, and of corrugated sheets and insulated panels and walls dry.), are carried out under existing national and european regulations. Tests on prototypes of significant size, complete structures, structural systems, mechanical systems, connections and joints.

Glass, testing and experimentation in the field of mechanics on single/laminated glass, tempered/ hardened glass for structural or technological (bending tests and flexural-torsional buckling), as wells as temperature effects. Studies on the application of innovative interlayers as a function of mechanical behavior and durability. Measurement of the tempering level.

Concrete materials and structures

Testing services

Services comprise of a wide range of laboratory and in situ experimental tests, from mechanical characterization of material to verification of the behaviour of simple structures and structural elements. Additionally, research is conducted on new materials (high-resistance, fibre-reinforced, lightweight and self-compacting concretes), rheology, durability and fire behaviour.
• Compression, elastic modulus, tensile, bending and toughness testing;
• Bond, shrinkage, durability and high-temperature tests;
• Testing for CE marking of simple concrete structures such as panels for floor slabs, pipes, traps and chambers, kerbs, enclosures;
• Testing of anchors, supporting and hoisting systems for prefabricated elements;
• Testing of R.C. and P.C. structural elements at the manufacturer’s plant;
• Structural load testing;
• Non-destructive testing and core sampling.

Certification services

Testing of construction materials (Law no. 1086/71, EN, ASTM standards, etc.), load and acceptance testing (Italian Technical Standards for Construction, ACI 437.1R-07), characterisation of materials in existing buildings (EN 13791, ACI 437R-03).

Testing of metallic materials and components

Testing services

The activities are mainly devoted to the execution and the certification of tests on structural elements, prototypes and components for the building industry, as well as, tests for the mechanical characterization of construction grade steel (rebars for reinforced concrete, steel for structural elements), performed according to international standards and Italian legislation.
Testing activities mainly concern:
• Static and cyclic tests of metal structures;
• Static and cyclic tests of steel for metal structures;
• Static and cyclic tests of steel for reinforced concrete.

Certification services

Certification of structural steel according to national and international technical standards.

Composite materials for constructions

Experimental activities

This segment of the Lab carries out experiments related to fiber-reinforced composites with plastic and cementitious matrices (FRP and FRCM). One focus falls on textile reinforced composites used in various industrial sectors, with particular interest in materials used for structural rehabilitation and reinforcement of structures in seismic areas. Another focus falls on FRP pultruded rods used as concrete reinforcements, as a potential alternative to conventional steel rebars.
The Lab is equipped to perform all major experiments for the mechanical characterization and the durability of the composites and their components (fibers and matrix). In particular, the following tests are performed:
• Semi-destructive and non-destructive testing for verification of reinforcement installation
• Climatic conditions: temperatures changes, humidity, UVA rays, salt water spray.


All the experiments may be certified according to the major international standards or guidelines. In Italy the guidelines for composites for constructions are issued by the board of Ministry of Public Works and the national Research Council. The Lab is accredited by the national accreditation body ACCREDIA for the tests on composite materials reported in various international standards.