Testing services

Services comprise of a wide range of laboratory and in situ experimental tests, from mechanical characterization of material to verification of the behaviour of simple structures and structural elements. Additionally, research is conducted on new materials (high-resistance, fibre-reinforced, lightweight and self-compacting concretes), rheology, durability and fire behaviour.
• Compression, elastic modulus, tensile, bending and toughness testing;
• Bond, shrinkage, durability and high-temperature tests;
• Testing for CE marking of simple concrete structures such as panels for floor slabs, pipes, traps and chambers, kerbs, enclosures;
• Testing of anchors, supporting and hoisting systems for prefabricated elements;
• Testing of R.C. and P.C. structural elements at the manufacturer’s plant;
• Structural load testing;
• Non-destructive testing and core sampling.

Certification services

Testing of construction materials (Law no. 1086/71, EN, ASTM standards, etc.), load and acceptance testing (Italian Technical Standards for Construction, ACI 437.1R-07), characterisation of materials in existing buildings (EN 13791, ACI 437R-03).