The Testing Lab for Materials, Buildings and Civil Structures of the Politecnico di Milano performs tests on materials and structures for research and teaching purposes as well as on behalf of third parties.

The Lab is equipped with test apparatus and measuring instruments for mechanical testing with forces from 0.01 N to 5000 kN. Activities include testing of structures and structural elements, chemical-physical and mechanical testing of building materials. The Lab is accredited as an Official Laboratory according to the Italian Law n. 1086/1971 and the DPR n. 380/2001 for the certification of testing on construction products. It is a Product Certification Body accredited by Accredia with no. 0317PRD in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17065:2012 standard as well as Notified Body (NB 1777) in accordance with Regulation (EU) 305/2011 relating to the CE marking of construction products. The Lab  is also accredited by Accredia in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard for tests on polymer matrix composite materials, fiber reinforced cementitious matrix materials, railways materials and components (Laboratory number 1275 E) and for the calibration of force (LAT 104).

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