Testing services

The Lab performs testing and research on the dynamic characteristics of bridges and large civil structures; the tests are mainly performed by recording the structural response in operational conditions (ambient vibration tests).
The dynamic tests are, when possible, conducted according to the requirements of the Italian guideline UNI 10985 (2002) standard (Bridge and viaduct vibrations: Guidelines for conducting dynamic tests and surveys).
The main technical services provided by the “Vibrations and dynamic monitoring of structures” are:
– Dynamic testing of bridges and special structures;
– Dynamic and seismic monitoring of historical and monumental buildings;
– Testing, analysis and control of vibrations in cables and guyed structures;
– Modal analysis in operational conditions and validation of FEM models;
– Design, installation and management of permanent dynamic monitoring systems;
– Use of innovative remote vibration monitoring techniques (interferometric radar).
– Assessment of vibration-induced serviceability issues and measurement of strains and displacements during static load testing of bridges and viaducts.