Testing services

The Lab operates as an accredited Centre Accredia (LAT 104) and guarantees metrological traceability of force measurements according to the national traceability system. It mainly supplies services in the Civil Engineering and Geotechnics areas.
The Lab performs calibration of force measurement of static uniaxial testing machine (for tensile and compressive tests) according to UNI EN ISO 7500-1 and of testing machine for compressive test on concrete according to UNI EN 12390-4 appendix B and UNI EN ISO 7005-1 appendix B.
In addition the lab calibrated force measurement devices used as testing devices such as:
– transportable hydraulic jacks: piston, pump (manual or electric), measuring system (i.e. manometer or pressure transducer)
– Static uniaxial testing machine with indicator of  force in not engineering unit, such as pressure, electrical unit or dynamometric rings (that could not be removed from the testing machine).
In addition to Accredia calibration, the Lab performs calibration with metrological traceability guaranteed by Politecnico Quality Management System:
– dynamometers for calibration;
– industrial load cells and dynamometric rings;
– scales;
– charpy pendulums;
– extensometers;
– displacement transducers, calipers;
– pressure transmitters;
– durometers.