Experimental activity

The evaluation and control of durability and of performances’ time behaviour for construction materials and components through lab testing, as a fundamental tool to guarantee Life Cycle sustainability.
For the laboratory accelerated ageing different cycles may be applied, depending on the material and/or the component to be analysed, through the exposure to:
-  Freeze and thaw, for example for concrete, stone, marble, granite, ceramic materials, etc.;
- Thermal shock;
- Salt spray tests, for the evaluation of corrosion of metallic materials;
-  Artificial rain on wall samples;
- Cycles composed by different stages, with the simulation of different ageing conditions, both on little samples or on wall components;
- Thermal and moisture cycles on marbles. intended for cladding of building facades (bowing test)
- Salt crystallization, for natural stone and other porous materials;
-  UV rays, for example for painting and protective products.

Certification services

The durability tests may be developed in agreement with the products’ standards with reference to the Construction Products’ Regulation and to the ISO 15686 standards, on Service Life evaluation.