Testing services

• On site diagnostic investigations on historical masonry buildings, including both non-destructive tests (ultrasound, sonic, radar, thermographic, etc.) and slightly-destructive tests (flat jacks, core sampling, endoscopy, resistograph, surface hardness, humidity measurements, survey of masonry sections and sampling of materials for laboratory testing and stratigraphic surveys, pull-off tests); geometrical survey and survey of structural and physical deterioration and damages, including fire; static monitoring and control of geometric variations.
• Chemical, physical and mechanical characterisation of porous materials (lime and cement-based mortar, stone and ceramic materials, stone and brick masonry and brickwork), study of their durability against environmental factors (freez and thaw, salt crystallisation UV rays, R.H and temperature variations, thermal shock). Experimental application of structural and surface consolidation techniques, re-pointing of joints, injection of mixtures grouts, surface protection. Analysis of material compatibility (mortars, bricks, stones).
• Testing of natural and manufactured stone materials.