Testing services

The Lab is one of the official laboratories that perform sampling and testing services for steel manufacturers in accordance with Italian legislation (L. 1086/1971 and D.P.R. n. 380/2001). The main activity focuses on the execution and certification of tests used for mechanical characterization of construction steels (steel used in normal and prestressed reinforced concrete and steel for structural elements). The Lab continuously inspects and performs quality control checks for several steel producers in Italy throughout Europe and in other non-European countries.

Auditing services

Auditing and certification of structural steel production in agreement with the Italian Technical Standard for Constructions.

Certification services

Notified Body (CPR-1777) as Factory Production Control (FPC) Certification Body for steel products in accordance with harmonised standard EN 10025-1 – CE marking of construction products – Regulation (EU) 305/2011 (CPR).