26/06/2019 New accreditations for the tests of Laboratorio Prove Materiali

The Laboratorio Prove Materiali has obtained from ACCREDIA the extension of the Accreditation to new test fields.
In addition to tests on  polymer matrix composite materials and fiber-reinforced cementitious matrix composite materials, the Lab performs now tests on materials and railway components in compliance with the UNI CEI EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2018 standard and with the requirements established by the  national accreditation body ACCREDIA:

– Static, dynamic and fatigue tests on prestressed monoblock sleepers;
– Pull-out test and effects of severe environmental conditions on concrete products with under sleeper pad (USP));
– Evaluation test of the effects of exposure to severe environmental conditions on tracks fastening systems;
– Corrosion test in artificial atmospheres on metallic materials: salt spray test with NSS  (neutral salt spray) method.

The current list of the accredited tests and the relevant standards are available on the ACCREDIA website (Laboratory no. 1275 E).

22/03/2018 – Effective from today the new Technical Standards for Construction

Effective from today the update of the Technical Standards for Construction, approved by Ministerial Decree of 17/01/2018 and published in the Official Gazette no. 42 of 20/02/2018. Download the Ministerial Decree

Consiglio Superiore dei Lavori Pubblici – Servizio Tecnico Centrale has published an explanatory note that provides the first indications for the application of the new Ministerial Decree.