Full Professor of Structural Engineering (DABC, Politecnico di Milano);
Author or co-author of about 300 technical and scientific papers. The main topics are Bridge engineering, Cultural Heritage structures, Earthquake engineering, Modal and structural identification, Structural Dynamics, Structural Health Monitoring, Vibration-based damage assessment;
Member of the Scientific Committee of major international conferences on experimental dynamics (such as EURODYN, EVACES, IOMAC);Invited as keynote speaker at several international conferences; Director of the Laboratory of Vibrations & Dynamic Monitoring of Structures (VibLab, section of the LPM, Laboratory of Testing Materials & Structures) from 2006 to 2013;
Committed, as Director or Consultant of the VibLab, of the full-scale testing and/or continuous dynamic monitoring of more than 100 bridges, including several arch and cable-stayed bridges;
Responsible of the continuous structural monitoring of the Milan Cathedral.